spooky-scoraceks asked:


200: My crush’s name is: dont have onee

199: I was born in: boston, ma

198: I am really: tired 

197: My cellphone company is: att

196: My eye color is: hazel

195: My shoe size is: 9

194: My ring size is: idkk 8ish 

193: My height is: 5/6 
192: I am allergic to: nothinng 

191: My 1st car was: a gmc terrain

190: My 1st job was: working as a secretary at my dads dentist office

thank you for asking😊😊

if your blog consists of:

•boston bruins
•dallas stars
•chicago blackhawks
•new york rangers
•colorado avalance
• or basically any nhl team or anything hockey related

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